I have been learning Mobile App Development with the help of Flutter and I already knew some stuff about Linux and Docker.

So I thought why not make a Mobile APP that can run linux commands remotely from a mobile itself. Isn’t this a good idea?

Let’s get into and…

We need to build a system that is capable of-

  • Taking in the image/video (series of images) from surrounding:
    at the hardware end, we need a pc (or raspberry pi) along with a camera and at the software end, we need a library to capture and process the data (image). I’ve used OpenCV (4.1.0) and Python (3.6.7) for this project.


What is JavaScript ?

JavaScript is a client-side programming language which helps web developer to do Web Application Development and make dynamic and interactive web pages by implementing custom client-side scripts. Developers can also use cross-platform runtime engines like Node.js to write server-side code in JavaScript. …

What is a confusion matrix?

A confusion matrix is a matrix representation of the summary of predicted values and the actual values. It helps us recognise the accuracy of our predictions by taking into consideration we are dealing with the classification predictions. …

These are the 6 places where Ansible is used:

  • Provisioning — All the services like websites, apps etc. needs to be deployed somewhere and ansible helps in provisioning the deployment environment like virtual machines, cloud platforms etc.
  • Configuration Management — Ansible is widely being used as a configuration management tool.
  • Application Deployment — When you define your application with Ansible, and manage the deployment with Ansible Tower
  • Continuous delivery — Creating a CI/CD pipeline requires buy-in from numerous teams. You can’t do it without a simple automation platform that everyone in your organization can use.
  • Security — When you define your security policy in Ansible, scanning, and remediation of security policy can be integrated into other automated processes.
  • Orchestration — Configurations alone don’t define your environment. Sometimes you need to provide orchestration also

What is Kubernetes?

In the World full of Automation, everything is being automated, be it software, mechanical or any other industry. Simply put, Kubernetes is kind of an automation(management) tool for the IT industry or mainly the DevOps world.

The DevOps world, mostly contain of Docker and Kubernetes. While Docker…

1. Machine Learning Case Study on Dell

The multinational leader in technology, Dell, empowers people and communities from across the globe with superior software and hardware. Since data is a core part of Dell’s hard drive, their marketing team needed a data-driven solution that supercharges response rates and displays why certain words and phrases outperform others.


Charan Vaddepally

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